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Environmental Day Celebration as a Family

World Environmental day  is celebrated on June 5 every year since inception. This is similar to World Earth day established to raise environmental awareness. World Environmental Day is an opportunity to know about our earth and how to lead a greener life in a better way! Everyone needs to work together for a cleaner world, fresh air etc.
Every year each country hosts the event depending on their ideology they plan the theme. This year my native India is hosting the World Environment Day and the theme is Beat the plastic pollution. India is giving challenge to the world citizens to stop using plastics and replace reusable stuffs in the place of plastics. To know How BabyA has contributed in the Environmental Growth check here
Many communities will organise events for the World Environment Day but I have suggestions here for the whole family

1. Communicate with Nature

Our family loves Nature and we have a great bond with nature. Back in our country we grow many trees. My mom has planted around 3000 saplings when she was heading an institution. Whenever an important day comes in our life we plant a sapling. Even here in the apartment we go for a stroll daily speak with all the plants, trees and spend some time with them. There are many ways to communicate with the nature.

2. Make a Green Plan

Before making a green plan do a mini audit by asking few questions like Do you leave the plugs plugged in? Do you throw the clothes into laundry even wore once? Do you throw the oil in the kitchen sink? Do you use Reusable bags? Reusable bottles etc. If diapers is it disposable and if disposable how are you disposing it? Will our family be suitable to accommodate cloth? Etc etc


3.Research ways to Reduce Waste-Benefit for Environmental system

As a family find out ways so that you can reduce, reuse, and recycle. Promise to turn off the water while brushing your teeth, turn off lights when not needed, walk instead of drive, volunteer to clean up local parks, and plant trees. Learn how to lessen your carbon footprint and work together towards it as a family

We are cloth diapering, breastfeeding, naturally weaned, baby-led weaning family and as a women i have been using a menstrual cup after babyA’s arrival al hamdulilah. Researching helps us to analyse and learn things to support our globe. Let’s do things to make our kids get a good environment to live in!!

The Indian Government is the Host and hence we are listing some of the awareness videos they have launched





Learn How To Beat Plastic Pollution For World Environment Day With Characters from Bottle Island- From UN


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