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Every once in a while a truly multicultural Islamic children’s book pops up showing the true diversity of Islam. Eid Breakfast At Abuelas is the latest one.

This is book  of the Trilingual Sofia series written by Mariam Saad and illustrated by Chaymaa Sobhy.

Eid Breakfast At Abuelas

This book tells the story of Sofia whose father is a Muslim and she travels with her family to visit her Mexican granny for the eid. Her granny is a non-muslim.
Eventhough she is a non-muslim she prepares a eid party melding Mexican and Islamic traditions together which is liked by the family. This book is a trilingual book so it has Spanish words too in this book which has a sort of rhyme in both the Arabic and Spanish language. I feel this book is perfect for a multicultural setup.

This book has a vocabulary list in all three languages English, Spanish and Arabic which is a hit I would say.

So what can be learnt or taught with this book?
1. Introduction of the multicultural family setup and how welcoming and friendly we must be in respecting others culture.
2. Joy of sharing and gifting to the needy

The illustration is perfect.The book is for toddlers and preschoolers which help the child to follow along with their thoughts and play with their liking.

The book is in English and has few spanish words too which is highlighted in Green. It has arabic words too and Sofia teaches arabic to her cousins.


Eid Breakfast At Abuelas


This story is a wonderful thing for the families to be in a multicultural setup. This might be a rolemodel for the revert families as they really feel hard to get in touch with their families. It’s a form of inspiration which might help the non-muslims to support the muslim reverts and spend family time Alhmadulilah


Eid Breakfast At Abuelas

The illustrations are bright, lively and full of joy just as Sofia and her family are.

Here is a bit about the author of this multilingual expert over here.

Eid Breakfast At Abuelas

This book is available to buy at Prolance Writing


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**This book was sent to me for free in thee form of an e-book to review from Pro lance Publishing ***


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