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How My Daughter became My Mother?

After my birthday, the first weekend of April was tough for our family. I got my gifts and wishes from my family and my daughter wished me through nursing. Al hamdulilah we were happy the whole week. Adding to my happiness my sister and BabyZ travelled to US from India to her husband after her vacation. So I was tracking her travel and was excited to meet #babyZ. Was in dreams to see babyZ, hug him and cuddle him. Haven’t seen him since the day he was born. Thanks to be in a foreign land. So now I am going to  share with you all how my daughter became my mother?
Being a strange Spring season, Friday decided to be shiny sunny after a long time; so babyA and I went for a walk in the community. Saw some turtles, ducks in our community lake and then headed to the park. My day was good and was making myself prepared for the prayers as jummah z prayers are priority for us. Around 2 o clock I felt I am sick so once coming back home I told babyA that mamma is sick and she can  sit and relax with mama. After her nap she pressed my legs and hands and covered me with the duvet. Maa shaa allah to have this sweety in my life. Asked my hubby to come back from work little early so that I can relax a bit in ease without pressure. Hope mommies can understand what I say :p

Around 6.00 P.M., my journey of sickness to the core started. Had complete nausea and dysentery throughout night. Couldn’t even sip a drop of water. I was dehydrated to the core. Was in tears to see my daughter  as unwanted thoughts came in front of me. She hugged me  to say “Mama I am there for you” She nursed to give me a feel that I am fine. My mind was deviated a little bit. Husbandman was in complete prayers al hamdulilah. Tried our combinations but couldn’t control. We passed that terrific night and next  morning hubby forced me to go to emergency care. While heading towards the emergency unit she  looked at me and held my hands tight by pressing me. That feel gave me a thought that She is there for me.  While getting down she tried to open the door for me. Maa shaa allah. Im truly blessed to get a good supporting family. The moment I was in urgent care she looked at me and asked her dad to take her out. She would have thought let mama sleep for a while. When I was under initial treatment she took her dad aside and allowed me to rest al hamdulilah. After I woke up I wasn’t able to see me alone started crying thinking about my mom, what would be  her plight if she sees me in this condition. Next moment my hubby was inside with our doll al hamdulilah cuddled my baby so tight. Around 11.00 am we were given a shock that I had appendicitis and I am not supposed to carry BabyA hereafter in my life. This was told by the nurse over there. There I broke down and started to think about babyA; how will she manage without me, without nursing as till the moment I was hospitalised we enjoyed the cuddling moments in nursing. Nursing was a boon for us. During the tough times, food strikes, dreamfeeding, what not? Though we started speaking about weaning process we weren’t ready for weaning at all. Nursed her for one last time before I was transported to the ambulance kissed her and left the place. She hasn’t gone alone anywhere apart from me. Thanks to the Carseat as we didn’t want to depend on anyone here to carry her during the travel. Hubby with a heavy heart followed me ofcourse. My sister was broken as she knew about this and was getting ready to come miles apart.But hubby and I didn’t want them to travel right now as babyZ had a big movement and he has the right to take rest. My friends rushed in and my daughter gave them surprise by staying calm till my surgery was over. With almighty’s Grace everything went fine and my daughter understood the condition and managed well. Since we follow child- led parenting i was relaxed as she eats on her own with no tension
al hamdulilah and looking at me in pain she didn’t even ask for milk a single time! Even when I tried to offer she said “Big” and walked off. I am happy and proud that we were able to self wean from nursing. I wanted to wait till she decides when she wants to stop and it has happened al hamdulilah.

When people criticized about my  child -led parenting; I trusted my concept and followed it. Today we have proved that we are not doing anything wrong in life.
I was criticized for introducing books early, nursing, giving limited screen time, using cloth diapering, babywearing, baby-led weaning what not?
When my doll brings the book towards me to spend time with me in this recovery stage I still remember one of my relatives comments Did BabyA ask  for books or what is the question I was putforth when I collected books for my daughter in her newborn stage. This baby-led weaning has made us to try different varieties and we are able to eat without being a picky eater with almighty’s grace al hamdulilah
These were the moments I felt I became daughter for my babyA!!

Babywearing has made us to be strong bold and confident individual. All mocked for nursing my doll till now [650 days] but I am proud that she weaned herself and can understand what she is cable of following this style of parenting.

Maa shaa allah and Al hamdulilah for this life.
Trust your instinct and follow what suits your family for sure. But please research and ask questions and decide on it. With the current scenario we have to lead a peaceful life and give the best for our next generation.
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  1. Disha Bhandari Dadala says:

    Your little doll is surely an angel. Love to the family for being so solid through everything.

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      thanks dear for the prayers and love

  2. Roopika says:

    That’s such a lovely write up.. and you are so lucky to have your little Angel..strength and love to your family!

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Yeah!! I am very lucky to have her as she has made my life beautiful in this moment.

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