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Crispy Corn Potato Toast

When I posted the pictures of this toast in the instagram I got requests for recipe on my post. This is actually a self made recipe. I can apply for patenting too :p lol.  Obviously motherhood makes you do everything that you never imagined, one such thing for me was trying out dishes differently.  This is a trial and error dish ofcourse. But we enjoyed to the core.


1.5 cups boiled sweet corns

2 potatoes boiled & grated

1 onion finely chopped

1 tbsp ginger finely chopped

1 small capsicum finely chopped salt to taste pepper to season

1/2 tsp garam masala

some mint leaves coriander leaves

1 tbsp lemon juice

1-2 bread slices

1 tbsp rice flour

Bread for the toast




    1. Blend 1.5 cups of sweet corn -2 tablespoons coarsely in a blender and keep it aside.
    2. Transfer the grinded corn into big bowl and then goes the boiled mashed potatoes in the bowl.
    3. Add onions, ginger garlic paste and garam masala to the mixture
    4. Add Capsicum, green chillies, mint and coriander leaves to the mixture
    5. Add rice flour, gram flour and lemon juice to the mixture
    6. Do soak the bread slices and crush them to add them to the mixture and knead well
    7. Add Black pepper and salt to taste.
    8. The mixture to be relatively dry so that you can use them as a paste to apply on the toast.
    9. In a dosa pan, add butter/ghee and place the bread and allow it to get toasted.
    10. Once done apply butter on the other side and apply the mixture and allow it to get toasted for 2 to 3 minutes. Try this in medium flame.
    11. Serve with Tomato sauce or mint chutney.



Until next post stay hooked!



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