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Breastfeeding in Public! It’s a RIGHT of a BABY!

Few days back the whole India was speaking about a model who posed for a cover in a local daily. She was shamed for posing for this project even being unmarried. Few asked which mom will nurse the baby like this! To be frank a mom nursing her baby in public with or without cover is completely decided by the baby. Being a mommy of 20 month old I do nurse her in public and i use sling to nurse my daughter or i nurse within a car. It’s completely my comfort level. There is nothing to shame a mom since she is nursing her baby. Enough of judging the moms please. As internet has evolved there is socio- shaming too happening. There are few mommies who curse the moms who are nursing in public. Why shouldn’t a mom nurse her baby in public? If  baby is hungry isn’t a duty of a mom to nurse the kid?

What is the reason for shaming a mommy for nursing her baby in public?

According to the creature of humankind, primary goal of breasts is to nurse the kid. It’s the only way the nourishment happens and the babies grow into toddlers. No one will like to show their bodies to unknown. When there is a need what can a mommy do?
If you don’t like to see a baby eating why do you want to look at it. Change your sight from that scene. Just because idiotic people are staring the mommy nursing her baby should she starve the baby? When she can nurse why should she give a formula milk which is next to a breastmilk.
Almighty has commanded us to nurse our babies for atleast 2 years for many valid reasons. When almighty has designed our system in such a way let’s accept the fact and go with it.
As movies show and tales been told whenever a breastfeeding mom nurses her baby she wouldn’t look into the eyes of the baby. She will enjoy the meal or she will even read a book. She can even have a chat with her friends while nursing her baby.

If someone says they are unable to see a mom nursing her baby the simple question I put forward is when you go to a mall and see a lingerie store where you see a mannekins you move out ignoring the area right? Just like that   ignore the mom nursing her baby.

When a baby cries her first thing would be to calm her kid. She won’t be able to take her belongings to find a private space to nurse her kid. So please grow up people.


Do you know already when a mom is  heading out out she has to carry a huge bag with all the baby stuffs and it would be already difficult for her to search for the cover when the baby cries. When she hears the crying her mind will react to attend her baby first and she won’t even have an idea to understand where she is. Obviously a mom will nurse in public within her comfort zones. So don’t poke your noses to make her day/lives miserable.
Even after this if you guys feel discomfort please do carry a cover/blanket  while starting from home so whenever you see a nursing mom cover yourself with a blanket as simple as that.
Breastfeeding in public is a normal thing in the world and it’s legal. So please don’t disturb them. Already a mom has thousands of worries and thousands of issues to face. Let’s not make mommies life miserable. Let’s not judge anyone.


I thought let me answer few questions which is commonly said to the breastfeeding mum in public

Why don’t you pump and use that milk in public? What’s the necessity to breastfeed in public

Wow your suggestion is good one but why will a mom pump if she is not interested to pump? First thing baby might get confused with the bottle nipple and breast. Then by the baby’s first birthday mom has to wean the bottle as its against the nature of the baby. Then where ever she goes out she has to invest on a system to cool the milk and before giving the baby milk should come back to the normal condition. Then cleaning the bottle sterilizing it. Milk let down cleaning etc., etc.
If baby is near mom why should she struggle with this? Pumping is a great help for working moms and their routines are really amazing they are doing a great job.
Pumping is really a boon but the idea of pumping just for not nursing in public is all goofy to me.

Why can’t you nurse your babies in bathroom

Because it is gross. Will you be able to eat your food in toilet? Then why will a baby eat her/his food in toilet
None of the toilets will have chairs to sit so a mommy should either sit down or on the toilet seat which is unhygienic.
Baby might nurse for hours and do you expect a mom to sit in toilet for hours with suffocation?

Just to grab the attention of Public you are breastfeeding

The main motive of a breastfeeding mom in public is to nurse her baby. No one does this to grab the attention. They practice in home how to nurse with limited exposure. By using a cover people will tend to know that she is nursing but without it she can relax and her baby can nurse peacefully. No one does let their stuffs hang out. They only nurse their babies. No more or less.

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If you feel the people are getting disturbed due to this please concentrate on movies, billboards,advertisements etc and leave the moms to nurse her kids in peace. If you like it Please do Share, Comment and Pin it!!


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