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Boom! We entered the 2-Year Sleep Regression Phase

BabyA was a sweet girl when it comes to sleep. She had a perfect routine maa shaa allah. She used to sleep in time and wake up in time. Then came a sudden change where she went to bed late as we used to offer Ramadhan prayers together. I made up my mind that I will fix her routine after Eid and then came my vacation at my sister’s place. She changed her sleep pattern there too as she missed her dad.  Then came our home shifting process, a new place, new environment and we are fighting for naps still.Boom!! We entered the 2 year sleep regression phase!! If at all she naps she goes to bed late in the night. With so much hussles and change in our lifestyle was worried and even felt i should skip the nap if she fights for it. Too much of thinking made me realise I should deal with this. I should be able to differentiate between want and need. What she needs right now is 12 to 14 hours of sleep inclusive of naps. But she wants is to play and to explore each and every moment in her day! She doesn’t want to miss any moment in her day. She wants to explore, enjoy all the precious moments in her day. Is it possible? Will I be able to allow her to do this? I clearly know her body needs rest. If she doesn’t sleep she gets more tired and result in crankiness till she hits the night sleep. So made up my mind to make her sleep no matter what. We created a nap time routine too. As soon as we complete our lunch we will hit our bed with books of her choice. We will read those books and speak about it. Once done she will have to sleep. It will take time as she will resist. But her body clock will understand the process and will get tuned to this system in shaa allah.
This two’s stage is difficult for each and every parent to deal with I guess. We are also dealing with food strike right now. Each and everything are related and we are trying to settle down.

Bedtime anxiety

This is the stage when kids get more imaginative than the little ones. Separation anxiety gets started at this stage in depth. They are more nervous to be separated from the family and need a bit more attention in the evening to feel connected and safe as they hit the bed. The kid needs must be validated but not minimised at any cost.

The only thing we say to her right now is We love you a lot and you are Safe in Allah’s hands. These powerful words are very important to kids. They trust us to the core. According to them We are big and they are small and they are comfortable to be with us.

I was about to give in to my child’s feelings. But these three things made me to win the scenario.

1.Validate your child’s feelings.

2.Keep your limits and boundaries firm.

3.This regression, too, shall pass.

With the tips above we have tried to settle the phase. I have understood the concept of differentiating the NEED and WANT. so we are working on smoothing the process. It’s been a week now that we are settling down. In shaa allah with the clarity in my mind we will cross this regression and settle down in shaa allah!!

Do share with us in the comments section about your experience in handling the sleep regression!!


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  1. Changes in sleep routine is something awful. My first and second son lost their nap routine since we moved to this town. They were 3 and 2 yo. I never succeded in returning the routine back.

    But, the advantage is they go to sleep at night earlier. Right after isya prayer. Now they are 9 and 8. And still go to bed early.

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Maa shaa allah for following a great routine!! Hope I too succeed in this setup

  2. Nice article ma shaa Allah… Having proper sleep cycle is very important and I’m struggling with it at the moment. :/ f

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Jazakallah khair

  3. My daughters had a great schedule for sleep where they would sleep through the night and even take 2 hour naps during the day…then came along my sons and they don’t sleep so well in comparison! I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in over 6 years- yikes!

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Hugs dear for going through this!!

  4. Allhumdulliah…good to know about Baby A….My baby too had good sleeping routine…which I am blessed with… Safe in Allah’s hands….beautiful words….Love reading the post…

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Jazak allah khair for stopping in to read about our story! Glad to know about your kids sleeping routine!!

  5. All my kids gave up the daytime nap around age 2. They do go to bed at night without much fuss and sleep till late. Still working on a consistent routine!

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Oh that sounds great! In shaa allah will look into your advice if needed on carrying out without naps

  6. Noor says:

    Oh we had the same situation when our son’s sleep routine got distracted and it started and happening every Ramadan. However, since he’s a baby I make sure to off lights so he knows it’s time for sleeping and since he can understand better now and can talk he knows literally when it’s nighttime and he’ll prepare for sleep but won’t sleep until he’s told so.

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      we too follow the same routine. Switch off the lights and then story time then sleep!!

  7. I agree with you when you said you had to focus on your child’s needs and not wants. All kids want to stay up late but that need the additional hours of sleep. My youngest is 10 and this is a topic that comes up every now and then.

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      thanks for understanding!!

  8. Thanks for sharing such great tips for dealing with sleep regression phase!

  9. Bianca says:

    My son had sleep regression too, we did everything we could to maintain a routine, I guess for our own sanity too. Being work from home parents and both suffering from sleep deprivation was a challenge until we started sleeping in shifts. This ensure our little one had company and could easily be put back to sleep if he fussed in the night.
    Bianca recently posted…Best Twin Mattress for Toddlers and Kids 2018My Profile

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