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Book Review: Who is Allah?

Written by Bint Abdul Hamid Illustrated by Zahra Gulraiz
Age: 3-10
Paperback 20 pages
Children starts to speak a lot when they reach 3. Alhamdulilah they speak a lot and try to be curious from young age. They question a lot to fulfill their curiosity and I guess this is the right time to speak about Who our Almighty is?
As a family we try to say duas and BabyA will repeat the duas but I wanted some book to make her understand and discuss more on Allah our supreme power.
One of the best uses of a book for parents, aside from developing imagination and literacy, is to use it to explain and discuss a difficult concept to young children. As you all know kids have the innate love towards story telling and this is the best advantage one can enjoy to explain the concept. Children have this innate love for story telling, and we can use this to our advantage.
The book Who is Allah? By Bint Abdul Hamid is a delightfully fun book that draws on the awe and magnificence of the concept Allah to explain a difficult concept to children and that puts things into perspective into their own findings.
It is simple to read but contains within it some very interesting and relevant facts.
The book starts by giving the facts of Allah and at the end of the page as a footnote it has the surah name as a reference to speak more about that surah and to associate everything to Allah and not to anyone.
The best gift we can give our children is the knowledge of Tawheed, to know their Creator. Knowing Allah by His names will help establish their roots, and help them to attach to Allah out of love of His perfection.
May Allah help us to fulfill the responsibility of bringing up our children knowing Allah and worshipping Him alone.
This book for sure has facts and the illustration will make the young kids glued to the book. For elder kids we can explain in a clear way why we have to look upon to Allah and not others.
This book can be used as an interactive book to bring in the curiosity of the kid.
My 3 year old was happy with this book and feel the elder kids will be excited to know on the details more and learn more about this concept💕


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