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Book review: Understand your child’s development ‘for the Muslim parent’

As usual I grabbed the opportunity to review this book for two reasons!
Reason one is this is the book for Muslim parents by the Muslim parents and the other reason is I wanted to support my fellow bloggers who are doing a good job by speaking about the child development. It’s a cluster of authors who have come up as a team to share their expertise to our own Muslim ummah! Isn’t it wonderful sweethearts?
As I expected I fell for this book and I’m going to share what I really love about this book!
This book deals with the children’s growth physical as well as mentally! The authors guide the readers to nurture their children’s growth in 6 areas of development: thinking and intellect, speech and language, motor skills, physical growth, emotional and moral development.
The best about this book is that it tell us the readers as per the scientific technology plus the facts are backed up with a Hadith which literally helps us to analyze that Our Allah has paved a path on how to lead our life without any complications but we get confused with the theories the society gives us and forget the guide which Allah gave us. Isn’t it wonderful to read this book? What are you waiting for rush to get this book and help yourselves reading them and support a mommy friend who has launched this so that they can bring many such wonderful things for us in shaa allah
The book is co-authored by Jameela Ho, Irna Fathurrubayah, Weronika, Ozpolat, Nabila Ikram, Afshan Mohammed and Hannah Morris and is published by djarabikitabs. The 5 authors have used their teaching, education, psychology, counselling and nutrition expertise to craft a guide for parents about children’s development.
The book consists of 118 pages, and is divided into 7 chapters.
Don’t stress yourself looking at the 118 pages. It’s a guide to deal with the queries you might have or you may even require in the future in shaa allah
Each chapter gives suggestions of how to incorporate Islamic topics with your children—based on their age.
Each and every parent would love to raise their child Islamic but we get overwhelmed with the resources available and I feel this book will help us to know where we are in the parenting journey and update ourselves to the fact we are!
A reader can find a lot of parenting tips/strategies ,halal games/activities needed to enjoy to lead a happy life. Every thing is backed up with an Islamic teaching. This book is unique and special for a special reason as I mentioned above, each chapter is backed up with Quran and Hadees quotes which will help us to work on the basics with confidence to lead our life.

Chapter 1 Developing Thinking Skills

Chapter 2 Facilitating Intelligence

Chapter 3 Supporting Speech & Language Development

Chapter 4 Promoting Motor Skills

Chapter 5 Nurturing Healthy Physical Growth

Chapter 6 Fostering Emotional Development

Chapter 7 Cultivating Morality

All in all, this is a great book and I highly recommend it for all Muslim moms and dads. So Mamas and papas thank me later💕
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