Book Review – The Gatekeeper’s Notebook by Sahar Abdulaziz

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. Thank you Djarabi Kitabs Publishing 🙂

While doing my work a mail popped from my friend’s publishing house “Papatya Feauxzar” if I will be able to do a review on her upcoming book. As I was winding up my work for the vacation I wanted to say a NO but the book cover attracted me towards it and so I am here now. The Thriller journey with the author have made me to be in the edge of the seats while reading it. As I am on vacation mode now I might reread this book whenever possible in shaa allah.

The Gatekeeper’s Notebook by Sahar Abdulaziz is a psychological thriller about a widowed mother. She is pushed to a position where all the sides are so tight and she is desperately trying to claw her way out to start a new life.  Every step Kalila Rahim takes towards freedom seems to pull a new secret up from the dirt that she’s left scrambling to bury again.

This work is a bold and poignant story about love and loss, the past colliding with the present, and the unimaginable devastation caused by spitefulness, arrogance, deceptions, and lies.

The plot revolves around  a widowed mother who’s being forced to consider a lot of distasteful things in order to preserve her lifestyle and protect her preteen son from the community. This also shows how she handles her nosy neighbors who have their secrets hiding in and a whole lot of scheming involved.

I was glued to an extent where I started hating Amara,wanted to give a big hugs to Kalila, and ultimately identify and caring most about the kids in this book; these kids are the ones who are the innocent victims of adults and their inability to face the truth and grow up. Melvin’s literal but also metaphorical presence was deeply impactful. The whole life of the family goes upside down in terms of finance and lifestyle when the breadwinner of the family is not there.

Too many characters are there and the plot moves in all directions. This speaks about the relationships within their marriages and how the couple’s relationship is? Usually people will wear a mask of being a very happy couple but their private life will be totally different. This has been discussed here. The characters involved are very complex and they are disturbing too at times and it will be a self-realization for many I would say.

I liked the way the protagonist decided the unexpected when she had to take the big reveal but usually many thrillers will go with the usual normal technique.

The Gatekeeper’s Notebook is an intriguing suspenseful novel, which was fun to read. The story is being told by many and it is made so interesting from all ways. You will be glued to this for sure and thank me later for recommending this. As all story moves there is no happily ever after ending with everything tied up neatly with a bow.

It’s been a long time that I read thriller novels and yes its a masterpiece for the 2020. I rate the thriller novel 4.


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