Book Review- ‘Simple as That’ by NAFLA SALAHUDEEN

Is someone in your family getting married? With marriage season round the corner I have 2 members in my family getting married. With the regular gifts I wanted to gift them something different. Marriage in our culture is marrying the whole family. Have to get adjusted with the mother-in law, co-sister,brother in law, sister in law, father in law. What not? When a new bride enters the new family she will have too much of pressure in her mind. She has to be accepted even by the smallest kid in the family. My life as a new bride came into my thoughts when I think about marriages in general. Al hamdulilah we are happily married for 2.5 years now. Sister Nafla sent a book for review on her bilingual work. It’s a book on manners, upbringing and managing relationship between members of the family. It’s with quotes from hadiths too. A booklet  to lead a peaceful life al hamdulilah.

As the name suggests Simple as That she has written in it simple language and in an interesting way. It’s written in both English and Tamil. Being a tamilian I had a close bonding towards her work.

I still remember how my family selected my husband. Being a pampered kid my husband had to face tough questions by my sisy and bro too as they wanted to give me in safe hand. Husband patiently answered and that is how i liked him. Al hamdulilah!!  This is how we will decide when a girl goes to her new family. We need to work on many factors. Both the families have to work on everything and it’s covered in some way or the other in this book

Let me jot down what can you expect from this book
First chapter is for mothers. So as mothers how should we raise our kids and give unconditional love and be within limits. We have to empower our kids too.
Second chapter is for bride. Her advices are like an elderly sister and quotes are helpful too. She has connected well to the reader maa shaa allah
The next chapter speaks about daughter in law. How to get involved with the family starting from the mother in law to each and every member in the family. Even a small kid to be accepted. She has spoken about maintaining relationships al hamdulilah how to carry on with balancing the relationship.
Fourth chapter is for mother in law
Here she has concentrated on the topic which we usually get Am i being replaced?
This is needed and I love her for that
The last chapter is the highlight and I would suggest you to read that to enjoy the book😚😉 I don’t want to spoil the fun by disclosing the chapter!!

Al hamdulilah i have got a gifted family but it doesn’t mean I will have the bed full of roses. I had my choice of parenting. Wanted to wean my daughter naturally and I had my struggles to convince them. So there is a way to say ur suggestions and disagreement. Little life skills and management skills are required to lead a peaceful life.

Sister nafla has written the recipe for you to have a fruitful life. Al hamdulilah!!

You can Purchase the book here

Simple as That Books can be either purchased through Amazon or through her facebook/ instagram or whatsapp as the name implies as Simple as That!!


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