I wanted to spend time with my daughter on my birthday and my hubby had his work so couldn’t disturb him. Georgia aquarium was in my thoughts but thinking about the spring breaks didn’t want to risk. So we ended up visiting Totspot @Atlantic station. When we were new to Georgia I hanged out few mommies who are my online friends. We usually takeover to zoo, aquarium etc. We had playdates and now we don’t get the chance to meet them as I don’t drive and thanks to the big hole in our pockets with the Cabs on. But we went to this place and we were able to meet few of our friends and made new friends too. It’s the best thing happening in town for the toddlers. It’s a free event for sure and happens all Tuesdays at the central park, Atlantic station between 10.00 a.m. and noon.
This was our first time and my daughter didn’t want to come back as she liked it a lot.

Let me share the summary of the event so it would be helpful for you to decide on!
We reached the spot around 10.00 a.m. and luckily I don’t have to worry about my parking as I take cabs but there is a free parking for 2 hours for this event. You can park anywhere between the elevators 6 and 7. As soon as you enter the area you could smell the babies, toddlers running here and there in an open space. Ventilated and not crowded much.

As we enter in I was asked to fill in the registration form on an IPAD. We were welcomed with the firechef hat and after registration We were running to chase the kids.   Frequent visitors need not register so it’s like enter with a smile full of relief.

We had 3 to 4 tents to be away from the sun but who cares about it when it’s a baby’s day out.😍🤣 It’s probably the best for infants and mommies who want to take a break.

Atlantic station provides everything such as bubbles, balls, toyhomes, cars, bikes, rideons for the kids, wagons, slides, what not. We had our fire engine too for experiencing the vehicle. BabyA was small to understand about the vehicle but we took pictures for memories. The officers cooperated well and had a wonderful time for sure.

Since the stuffs are common each kids has to wait for their turn or grab when the other gets down from it. So kids get to know the concept of sharing. My doll pushed the car ride on so that when the partner gets down she can enter it. Kids become creative during these situations. Maa shaa allah

Each and everything set up was a hit and we had fruits counters too which kids enjoyed. We made new friends too.

It ended promptly at 12pm and everyone went their separate ways, probably to enjoy lunch or a much needed nap.

After the trip she got to taste black orange which was first time for me too. Got to learn New things through my BabyA.

If you have kids 5 & under this is the perfect place to be on a Tuesday morning                            (April – September)!

Between 10.00 a.m. and noon!!