Beach Vacation with a Toddler- Must Haves

It’s Spring now and most of you would have planned for beach vacations in the near future.  We just came from the beach vacation and had a tough time to recreate the home comfort during the trip. We had a fun beach trip but I had bags and bags of stuffs with me for the toddler. We used mostly everything which we had planned. To help my audience I have come up with a practical list needed for the trip. With this list you can plan a peaceful vacation ofcourse.
This list is for the ones who are in a stage hitting the waves and sand.
We had our condo near our beach so my list will be mainly for a 2 hour stay in the beach.

1. Hat hat hat

If your toddler is similar to mine who hates to wear hats don’t worry about it. When the Sun rays hit the sensitive skin of the baby thw skin gets affected. But the hats help to prevent from the damage and kids tend to accept the fact and use them without A NO!! Go for it. Use this opportunity to try all your trendy hat for the babies.

2. Baby beach kit

Give them a beach kit where the kid stays active loading, dumping, makimg shapes with the moulds and could stay in sand for hours without getting bored. We wrote our names, drew figurines in the white sand. The toddlers had fun dumping, filling and building sand towers. It was a memorable beach trip ofcourse.

3. Beach tent

It’s a must and since we were jam packed hired a tent and used them till we were there in the beach. It really protects us from the scortching Sun and it helps us to relax from the Sun rays when needed.

4. Baby powder

I am  a person who doesn’t use powders either for babies or for me. But this tip really helped me in clearing the sand without hurting my baby. Just rub some powder on those sandy legs, feet, arms .The powder helps the sand come off without irritating the skin.


It’s a must and must for the trip. Lather up the kids before you enter the beach and reapply as per the instructions.

6. Water and snacks

Pack as much as bottled water and snacks for your stay as you need to be hydrated well. We had our diy cooler box to store our bottled water and cool drinks. It was handy duringour trip.

7.Wet bags

I love wetbags a lot. It helped me a lot during my beach trip/swim trip. It holds the wet stuff without leaking and its a reusable bag which is a positive side. Your wet clothes can be away from your dry clothes.

8. Swim diapers

Since I am a cloth diaper mommy I used only the outer cover from the pocket diaper without an insert. It helps to hold the poop which is perfect during the water stay. Disposable swim diapers also does the same task.

9.Mesh bags

It’s handy to segregate the super sandy clothes, toys inside this bag where the sand comes off through the mesh and be away from Sand.

10. Ziploc bags

I love them a lot as they are tiny and it helps in organizing the stuffs within the sealed ziploc bags. It at times helps to store the leftovers. It comes handy to save the shell collections,  lost and found stuffs.

These are the main things which i have compiled to plan for a vacation.

Happy Vacation!!


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