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Aluminum foil Moon sensory Play

We did this craft during last Ramadan as Ramadan is approaching shortly thought to rewrite an article which might help my followers who have small bundle of love at their home! Babies/Toddlers/ preschoolers or anyone of that matter love moon to the core! We speak a lot about the moon since their day1! It’s natural as in our local languages we call Moon as “chandamama”! If you ladies in olden days they feed their kids by showing the moon! I am against this technique of distraction feeding! But it looks great when people love almighty’s creation! Aluminum foil provides a wonderful sensory experience and that’s the reason why we chose that for my lovable daughter!The shiny appearance helps to analyses the light theory which is reflection from the moon!


Black foam board
Sheet of aluminum foil
Glitter glue


1.We started with a sheet of aluminum foil and cut it into a large circle.
2.Asked babyA who was 1.5years then to crinkle the foil and I tell you kids love to do this at any age! It gives the look of a real Moon!
3.Helped babyA in opening the ball and flatten it out! And pasted the foil on the black foam board. Now she explored the foil texture out! Have your child carefully open the ball and flatten it out. Let your child explore the foil texture as they smooth it out.

Aluminum foil is such a unique material where each and everything on the foil will help the kids curious and they will love to do the activities with you more and more!

I handed over the glittery glue to her where she made stars with it!

This is such an easy and educational craft for your babies, toddlers or preschoolers to do as they begin to show interest in the world around them!

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