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Let’s talk about our Baby’s Nutrition

Being a Parent is always a blessing from Almighty. As a first time mom every mom would frighten about the baby’s weight, nutrition, the baby’s nutrition based on intake and the output. I was panicked to the core in the early days of my motherhood and even now I am freaking out thinking about her nutrition. But as days pass by we might have a smile looking at it.

As parents we get overwhelmed and stressed during certain phase. This might be due to overthinking about a fact to know if we are doing things right? Is the baby’s nutrition all set?

Whether you are a first time parent or a mom of multiple kids we get to learn and grow along with the kids. Creating memories with them will be a wonderful thing to do.

 “And we have enjoined upon man [care] for his parents. His mother carried him, [increasing her] in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your parents; to Me is the [final] destination” (31:14).

Optimum nutrition for the baby

Nutrition is important to each and everyone. A child whether he/she keeps their first move or their first performance in the sports day depends completely on the nutrition the child has got from the meal. So it is very important for a parent to concentrate on the nutrients of the meal given to the baby.

This has to start right from the day 1 of the baby’s entry into the world. The first nursing during the golden hour is so precious. The breastcrawling is one such miracle of Almighty. I experienced it and that feel is a precious one.

What’s the connection between Breastfeeding and Nutrition?

It is recommended to breastfeed or use formula milk for the first six months of the newborn. It is said not to give them any solid or puree apart from breastmilk. Nutrition to the kid comes through this form.

Eventhough the child gets all the nutrients through the breastmilk the child also needs Vitamin D which is very essential for the kid. And now in this lockdown phase the kid needs it at any cost. So check with your pediatricians to know the dosage of the vitamin D  

Weaning-When to Start Introducing Solid Foods

So from the above data we very well know that we need to nurse the baby for 6 months. Every baby is different so there is no fixed time for the baby to start solids. But its mandatory to wait till 180 days or 6 months to start the solids. I have written a detailed one on Baby Led- Weaning gagging and choking

 Suggested Food during the First Year of your Child’s life

We can only give suggestions but only you can decide on what is best for your family. So try what suits the best and follow your instincts.

Age/monthsSuggested food
0-6Breast milk or infant formula according to your child’s feeding rhythm.
From 6 monthsNo hard Rules on what to give first. As it is just a supplement food like a top up we cannot introduce a full meal. Just a snack type actually can be introduced. We mostly prefer vitamin- and mineral-rich vegetables and fruit, especially foods rich in iron, as by this age your baby’s iron reserves will be running low. Like apple, carrot, banana, pear, avacado, etc., Our first food was banana.
Cow’s milk should not be introduced before one year of age.
Once the kid gets the hang of it we can introduce the other proteins slowly like meat, veggies, egg,etc.,
Around 8-9 monthsBreastmilk/Formula should be the main source of intake and you can now slowly introduce two meals for the day. You can introduce the Family meals minus salt and sugar. except cow’s milk you can go with the any diary products like cheese,yogurt,etc.,
Around 9-12 months1-2 meals (with a variation of all the food groups mentioned above) of gradually coarser consistency.
2-3 small snacks
Breast milk or formula according to your child’s feeding rhythm.

Suggestions on Few Foods to avoid

Honey: Honey contains spores which will be difficult for the kid to digest. This will inturn create a toxin which will harm the baby. Hence it is not recommended for kids under 12 months.

Salt: Too much of Salt isnt good for the baby, so its adviced to not give them salty food apart from the natural salt intake.

Sugar: Remember, sugar only provides empty calories, i.e. no vitamins or minerals. Take care of hidden sugars in foods like flavored yogurt, creams, jellies and marmalades.

Cow’s milk: It’s hard to digest the fat and proteins of the cow;s milk for the babies hence it is recommended not to give cow’s milk till 1 year.

These are the few tips which you can concentrate on your baby’s nutrition. LEt’s enjoy the upbringing of the kid with getting the facts right. Almighty will give you a kid only when Almighty feels you can nourish the kid well so Let’s do our job with peace and let’s keep the trust which almighty have in us.

I am writing this on a part of the #atozBlogchatterseries and today the letter concentrated is B. IF you need to check out what did I write on Letter A please do check on Attachment Parenting


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