A guide to practise Kindness in Family

So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it,
And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it. Qur’an 99:7-8

“There is no right or wrong in Parenting”.This is a famous saying. But I do always want to be treated good as a human being. Won’t my daughter or Son expect the same? They are also human beings. They need their space, their consent,etc., Obviously I should be kind to my kids. Al hamdulilah I guess I am a kind parent and I am learning new things in the phase of parenting. Being a First time mom those who have followed my posts you would have known I do follow child-led parenting. It’s based on my daughter’s interest and nothing else. The principles which I follow is purely what Allah has told us to follow. BabyA has  made me to stay cool always. My mom and my Nani (amma) are my role models. I Have grown watching their parenting style since the time I have known and trying to follow their methods. Al hamdulilah! I have started to live my life as a toddler.You might also be interested to know the stepsto be a Fun mom.But it’s not easy to be the same when we become a toddler mom! I try not to get angry and try to be that kindness mom! I am not that Perfect MOM. I  slip from my motive now and then. Whenever I feel low and need help with being more kind in my parenting I wanted to take up some sort of kindness challenge. So when I was trying to work on this I came across an article on 10 Days Parenting Challenge from my blogger friend Jameela To become a kindness parent we need to take up some challenge! It does wonders when I take up this bootcamp. What I loved in this challenge is the tasks are simple and which are needed for a good relationship between a parent and a kid. She has consolidated the necessary Hadith to the task which describes that Allah our almighty has asked to perform our life in this way! There are 2 pdf files which will help us to be in track. Al hamdulilah

Content Courtesy: Jameela

Object Lesson on Kindness

With this I tried to do an object lesson with #babyA. I know it’s early for her to understand but starting early isn’t any harm. It’s a remainder for me too. Pinterest is one thing which helps me to find ideas. We took a toothpaste tube to do this task.
I asked babyA to press the tube. The paste came out and I asked babyA to fill the paste back. She tried and got frustrated and left the venue. I left her alone as I know if I try to speak now she will get upset so when she was about to take a nap I told her it’s not possible to fill in the paste back. She asked why! I told her this is because it’s filled with air now and it’s tough to send it back. It’s the same way when you hurt someone it’s difficult to convince them. So use kind words with the people you see. Don’t say No when your friends ask you to share your food with them. She will understand soon in shaa allah!!

Similar to this babyA took a  Ramadan challenge during Ramadan and we both literally enjoyed doing them!


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  1. MashaAllah that’s a great way of teaching kindness. It’s a way of teaching, “speak good, or remain silent.”

    Unfortunately, we can never take our words back once they’ve been said. The best way of avoiding this regret is by being careful about what we say to others.

    You’ve taught your daughter very well. I hope this lesson sticks with her and every one of us. As this is also a reminder to us all.
    Khadijah recently posted…Simple Acts Of Kindness Could Lead You To JannahMy Profile

  2. Love it sis! Jazakillah khayran for taking my Parenting Kindness Challenge 🙂
    Jameela recently posted…Welcoming An Intensive Care NewbornMy Profile

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