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6 ways to celebrate Eid with your Toddlers

We are in the month of Ramadan right now and this month is truly special for each and everyone around Al hamdulilah!! Kids love this month especially because they get time to spend more with the family and relatives. If you are living away from the family like us we get to meet people in the masjid. This is the Second Ramadan for us in US. Last year we had no one as that was our first entry into US. Only during eid we got to meet my husband z friends in a different state and had some fun. BabyA has lovable company here and she is one of the reasons to go to taraweeh daily to masjid as she demands to. When the time nears she brings her dress and ours to inform us to start al hamdulilah!! So this eid we are planning to do something fun along with our new friends so that it stays in memory for my doll in shaa Allah!!So Alizehmysoulblog is presenting to you the 6 Ways to Celebrate Eid with your Toddlers

Here are the list we have planned as a family to make this a memorable one in shaa Allah

1. Moon sighting

On the last day of Ramadan along with our masjid friends we are planning to look at the Moon!! Looking at the moon is such a blessing al hamdulilah
As a family look for the moon and recite this dua. For sure at the age of 2 she would look clueless but would understand something is happening and try to recite the dua.
To make it more interesting try to make binoculars and look with that. As a kid, i still remember we would run to the terrace to look at the moon and we had some gala time discussing about emaan.

2. Decorate your home

Back in my childhood we haven’t decorated on Eid day but for Ramadan this year we did few activities and decorated the home with the Ramadan crafts we did!! In shaa allah have plans to decorate home for Eid which my toddler will have some hands on it in shaa allah. This is to know why there is a different environment in home. What’s the specialty of the Eid day? This will help us to explain about Eid and what happens in that specific Day? A moment to discuss about Ramadan and the need to celebrate Eid!

3. Wear Special clothing

It is said by the prophet to wear the best clothing for the eid. So in shaa Allah will dress up my doll in her best dress which we purchased for the Eid al hamdulilah!! Most likely it would be the one which she received from her nanima [mommom].

4. Eid prayer

On the day of Eid please do visit the Masjid/Eidga. We are preferring Masjid this time as our Masjid is like a family now. And being with a toddler I felt it would be easy to be in Masjid as she knows all the places within the Masjid and she can enjoy with her friends al hamdulilah
It is said to take a route while going to the eid prayer and come back in a different route. So we will follow the guideline which Almighty has given us in shaa Allah

5. Fun at Masjid

This is our first Eid in this community and the Masjid committee has told us that after Eid Salah there will be a party for all of us. Al hamdulilah we are planning to be a part of it and enjoy as my toddler needs to enjoy her day. We all have decided to give gifts to the kids. So my toddler is also going to get a gift on Eid. In shaa allah she Will enjoy and looking at her happiness we are going to have fun too in shaa Allah

Along with the fun I have plans to organise few games for kids. In shaa allah will come up with a post on this later!

6. Being with family

In shaa allah we have invited my sister’s family and Mr. F’s Cousin’s family to be with us on Eid . So we have plans to spend more time with our family. And this is the first time we are going to meet our new bundle our tinyking!! Waiting to hold him for the first time. Being far from the family we get to miss all the fun. So babyA is going to meet babyZ for the first time!! We are going to see the bonding between the both for the first time in shaa Allah!!
By celebrating Eid we are reviving a Sunnah, strengthening ties within our family and community, and building up confidence in our children and their Muslim identity.
Doing a craft with family will be an added advantage. So that the fun in making the card or the showpiece will be in your toddler’s memories in shaa Allah

We will come up with an update on the craft we do on eid day in shaa Allah

Do share with us how have you planned to celebrate Eid this year in shaa allah?

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22 thoughts on “6 ways to celebrate Eid with your Toddlers

  1. My dad used to tell stories of the Prophets before bedtime. Although this time shouldn’t be done only in Ramadan, I think it’s a good time to start. It was one of my favourite moments with my dad as a kid.

  2. Such a lovely post sis! I am now really thinking of adding more into our Eid celebrations, decorating is on my list! I’m very intetesed in any Eid games you’ll be sahring.
    Hope you have a blessed time in this special month.

    1. Al hamdulilah we are enjoying this phase!! Please do share with us about your decorations!! In shaa allah will update to you regarding eid games!!

  3. You’re right. It’s important to make Eid fun for kids and it’s nice that you’ve found an inclusive community to be a part of.

  4. Lovely post Sis. I love sharing my traditions with my children. One more thing I wuld like to add, try Henna too!

  5. Great ideas! I would love to one day be able to practice these with my own family. I wish I had grown up in a practicing family that did things like this 🙂

  6. It’s definitely fun celebrating the festival with family. Its really important kids to know why are we celebrating the festival. We do same for every festival.

  7. Unfortunately, our immediate family doesn’t live nearby. They’re in a different country which is quite far even by an airplane. However, I decorate the house to tell my son about Ramadan and Eid

  8. This was really a lovely piece! I always did a moo sighting tradition with my family for the onset of Ramadan & never thought of doing it for Eid. Will surely do this time!

  9. Involving kids in the festivities is the best way to teach them about religion and importance of festivals. Great tips. Happy Ramadan.

  10. Festivals are a special and fun way to make kids learn about our culture and work closely with the family to prepare for the celebrations. Loved all your suggestion.

  11. Lovely post. Good to know how you and your family celebrates the festival. It’s always fun with family and friends.

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