5 old wives tales about breastfeeding that are totally true!!

Old wives tales are usually the ones which will make us laugh! Few such tales will make us believe that we are harming our babies!! I am sure the old wives tales would have started in one good form but stories kept on adding and it landed in some state just like the secret star game we used to play during school days!! But I am here today to speak about the old wives tales that are true and that too about the breastfeeding topic!! Breastfeeding is something close to my heart and I can research more and more on this!! One such is on this old wives tales which are true!!

Skin-to-skin contact can produce more milk

Grandmas would have told you that keeping your baby on the bare chest would secrete more milk! You might have laughed at this statement but it really worked wonders with me! The moment the baby enters the world with almighty z grace the doctors will put the baby on the chest of the mom even before cutting the placenta! This is done for the milk secretion! The more the baby is near the chest the more milk secretion happens! This is one of the wonders of almighty! According to La Leche League International, the skin-to-skin contact between a mother and baby can stimulate the hormone prolactin and help increase your milk supply.

Drink plenty of fluids for more milk secretion

You might have heard that milk secretion happens if you drink milk! I don’t like to consume milk for some reason but wanted to nurse my doll without any issues so when I researched it was concluded that the main motive is to stay hydrated! When you get dehydrated there will be a loss of nutrients in the breastmilk that’s the reason the older generation people said to drink milk! I stayed hydrated by consuming lots of juices and water and my milk secretion was good with almighty’s will!! Al hamdulilah

Your baby can get nipple confusion with the pacifier and bottles

One of my friends son didn’t like to drink milk from the breasts as he was bottle-fed too! Al hamdulilah being a stay -at-home mom I was able to nurse my daughter without difficulty! She being sleep deprived introduced bottles for the night and he was not liking the breastmilk! He liked when the milk was pumped and given as top-feed. So when checked with the doctors and few research papers we got clarified that few babies get confused with the bottle nipples and the breasts. The baby would suck the bottle in a minute whereas when the baby sucks from the breasts it takes a slower turn. This is because the milk from the bottles comes faster and kids get used to the speed! This is the reason the lactation consultant asks the moms to wait until you establish a good breastfeeding relationship before introducing bottle/pacifier.

Sleep when the baby sleeps

I was able to produce more milk is because I had a good sleep routine! Slept when my daughter slept and had a cooperative family where I wasn’t forced to do a work! I was able to do in a normal phase! Al hamdulilah
According to Dr. Jay Gordon, sleep is hugely important when it comes to milk production, so if you ever feel like your supply needs a boost, try getting some more sleep.

Put cabbage leaves for breast engorgement

KellyMom has said that while there hasn’t been a ton of scientific research done, there is enough evidence to suggest that using cabbage leave compresses can help with oversupply, engorgement, and to help decrease your production. This has worked for my mommy friends !

4 thoughts on “5 old wives tales about breastfeeding that are totally true!!

  1. I have followed all these tips with both my children and they have helped me alot. I used to carry around a bottle with my first one all the time. Not so vigilant second time around though and I can see the effects of it. So important to stay hydrated.

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