Are we Really Ready for Potty Training?

Al hamdulilah we are back from our vacation and had a good time with family and relatives! Currently we as a family are in the missings of India phase! In shaa allah will be back to form soon! This week babyA has become 30 months! Maa shaa allah time flies so fast! In this vacation most of the people asked me about two things 1. When are we gonna give good news? 2. She is 2 why isn’t she yet potty trained? To both the queries my answer is a smile for then to continue my vacation in peace! Being a First time mom people wants to judge me for the things I do! They had issues with me as I was breastfeeding my daughter even when she was nearing 2. Al hamdulilah she self weaned! To know more about our self weaning history click on here! Now at the age of 2 she is with diapers is an issue! I do agree being a mommy, My utmost duty is to take care of her but I need some Me-time too! To potty train my doll I need to be prepared! It needs lot of time, patience, lot of attention and empathy to the kid as well as mama! Lots and lots of cleaning stuffs as accidents will occur here and there! Thinking about all of these stuffs I am ready to wait till the time she says Mama, I am ready to get rid of diapers! In shaa allah she will be ready soon!

Doctors advice to start potty training only after 2.5 years old! Even if the kid is trained before that it’s cool! Congratulations to all parents who have trained the kids before that! I don’t want to get stressed by the way! I will wait for the cues my daughter gives in! She has given the cues earlier too but I wasn’t ready then so we forego the moment and now waiting for this!

What do you guys think about potty training them early? Does it really matter if they get trained late? Why do you need to pressure them at an young age? Just because you want to send them to school? For the peer pressure? It’s a joint event where both the care giver and the kid should be ready enough to handle the situation! Research says kids get trained anytime between 2 and half and 3. They are big now to understand their body and they get control of the bladder very well! We can bribe them very well too so that we can win the situation of potty training!

Don’t you guys agree with me? Potty training requires a lot of hard work for the mother! She has to keep alarms in the mid of her other household works! Take them to the washrooms and wait till they pee. Then keep on insisting the kid to tell us if the kid has the urge to pee/poop. Then Wash them after they are done! So say if I start potty training at the age of 1 this process of cleaning them will continue till we are 4. Diapers should be in stock too. We will confuse the kid with the diapers mode ON and OFF. Like when we are at home the kid will be on undies and when we are out they will be on diapers as to avoid accidents. Kids will get confused whether to pee in their diapers or the potty seat. Really thinking about this I go blank.
I am not done with this! Even if they are potty trained;  as a mommy I need to take her to washrooms in the mid hours of sleep! If the kid accidentally does pee or poop on the bed cleaning process is again going to be tedious task!
With all these going around felt I should be smart enough to wait till my daughter says she is fine to get rid of diapers! So aunties out there please don’t guilt trip new moms! If your kid is potty trained at the age 1: fine well and good you guys carry on with your life! I am not ready yet and I do have thousands of other works to handle so please do stop guilt Tripping me! Happy parenting guys! This works well for my family!

When did you start potty training your child? And how long did it take to fully potty train your child? Share with us here so that it will be helpful for many mommies out there!


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  1. My daughter is 27 months, late to teeth, late to talk so why should I bully her to potty train yet! I feel when they are ready they will do it! Stick to your sixth sense. My other children were bought up when I was busy mum working and had other children who were small attended nursery so stuff was pushed to happen, this time round I’m a relaxed house mum and other are way older so I’m taking it easy! On her terms!

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Wow! Thanks mommy for giving a positive note!!

  2. Potty training like everything else in parenthood is very personal. We are “late” to the game as well, but I don’t want the added stress until I know my little one is ready. Trust your gut!

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